National Tools Helps Eliminate Pinch Injuries!

17 Apr 2013 11:28 PM - National Tools was approached by Otraco and Rio Tinto to come up with a solution to prevent their workers from crushing their fingers between rims and high powered torque tooling when working on truck tires.
Pig Demo

These injuries are known as pinch injuries, and anyone who has been unlucky enough to have one, knows that "pinch" is an enormous understatement.  The force that is needed to torque up wheel nuts on large haulage vehicles such as Hitachi, Komatsu, Liebherr, Caterpillar and others, is so great that when a finger gets in the way, it will be completely flattened.

The recovery on these injuries is long and painful for the one who receives it and extremely costly for the company.  National Tools has come up with a 2 fold approach which involved looking at a way to restrict the hands getting in the way and the other was to look at how we could improve the Pneumatic Torque Tool.  As you can see by the images below, we have designed an extension to fit in between the rim and hub with a PIG (pinch injury guard) wheel to prevent the hands from going forward on the gun.  It is almost impossible to operate the gun without holding the wheel.

The second thing we did was source a revolutionary torque tool that not only lasts longer than the existing brands, but uses a forward reverse toggle trigger. This allows the user to control the direction of the tool simply by moving their finger up or down. With the other brands such as Rad and Norbar, you would have to stop, then go to the back of the tool, switch the tool into reverse, then go back to the trigger to operate the tool again. If you had a finger or hand stuck, then this would be precious time wasted to allow the finger or hand to be released. With the new Magnum by Bolttech Mannings, you would have the hand released in a millisecond.

For more information or a demonstration of this unique system, please phone our Sales Manager Wayne Harris on 0488 388 458