Torque Tool Calibration

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Calibration

National Tools can calibrate all Pneumatic Torque Multipliers (Nutrunners), Hydraulic Torque Wrenches and Pulse Torque tools up to 20,000 Ft Lb capacity using the latest sophisticated AKO transducers and equipment. All calibrations are carried out adhering to the ISO standards and are traceable to NIST and NATA . We can also provide our clients with NATA certified certificates for the complete range of torque tooling.

calibration of hand torque equipment

We are able to calibrate all hand torque equipment on the latest RAT tester beds incorporating Jetco transducers and smart chip displays. National tools covers all hand torque tools from inch lb torque up to 2000 ft lb and will supply NATA traceable calibration certificates also done to NIST standards. NATA standard certificates can be provided at your request. National Tools is in a unique situation where we are able to provide our clients with a new for old hand torque wrench for 1/2" drive and below, at the same price as it costs to provide the calibration. This is a great way to ensure that your torque tools are always in top condition and the spring mechanism is at its most reliable, giving you a far more accurate torque reading. 

Repair and service of high tonnage module jacks

High Tonnage Jack Repairs

 National Tools are leaders in the repair and service of all high tonnage module jacks up to 250 tonne. Our experience in this area is unsurpassed and we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality workmanship with a focus on customer service. Whilst our capabilities are not limited, we have become the leaders in the industry for the repair service and calibration of all torque tools, tensioners, hydraulics and pump equipment. National Tools have been calibrating and repairing tooling for all the major Oil and Gas and Mining companies for the last 10 years and have workshops in Western Australia, Mackay Queensland and South Australia.

Timing is critical when companies have down time on critical tooling, so for this reason, National Tools now has a GOLD service that is provided upon request. Please talk to one of our staff to find out more.

Gauge calibration

24 hour turn around gauge calibration available

Calibration on all gauges for air or hydraulic are performed on all tooling incorporating gauges and is also provided as a stand alone service. As some gauges are quite inexpensive, they are often replaced if they fail because it is uneconomical repairing, then providing calibration.